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The Orthodox Church in Tanzania
Under the Jurisdiction of
The Patriarchate of Alexandria

Metropolitan Jeronymos of Mwanza and His Beatitude THEODOROS II
Metropolitan Jeronymos of Mwanza and His Beatitude THEODOROS II

The Archdiocese of Mwanza
P.O. Box 1113
Telephone: +255-28-2561161
Fax: +255-28-2561163


Laying of the Foundation Stone for St. Nicholas Cathedral

Mwanza, Tanzania

Laying of the foundation stone for St. Nicholas Cathedral in Mwanza, Tanzania (March 31, 2011). Presiding over the ceremony were His Eminence Metropolitan Jeronymos of Mwanza of the Orthodox Church in Tanzania and His Grace Bishop Savas of Troas. The first part is primarily in Greek and a local language, but the sermon towards the end is in English.

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